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Default Re: Report: Shanahan in discussions with Redskins

Originally Posted by simcjt
Hasn't Holmgren always been the type of guy that whats to draft and coach? Why take the dallas job if the browns are even giving you a little piece of ownership
Jerry let Parcells draft...he could do it again...coaches do understand that he is the GM though, and he does have to actually do his job...

as far as Holmgren wanting to take the Browns on instead of Dallas?...Well with the Browns he is putting himself in possition to look like he turned things around almost no matter what, so he could be attracted to that...but if he wants to coach the Notre Dame on the NFL then he could come to Dallas...

no matter how bad of a GM Jerry can be (overblown), he will never have a problem getting any coach because of what he has done to keep the Cowboys being America's Team...
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