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Default Re: Penn State's Punishment: Too much, too little, or just right?

Originally Posted by niko
Because part of the purpose of the punishment is for it to be a deterrent for future wrongdoings. And the only way to stop schools is to hit the football program.

What is your hard on with scholarships? So the kids go to another Big Ten school. OMG! The poor penn state fans, your team will suck now.

No current players lost any scholarships, do you misunderstand the situation?

Yeah, I doubt a 200 million dollar fine would be laughed at and not be taken seriously by them. Get real.

I do not misunderstand the situation, thanks though. The scholarship situation is fucked up and many people agree with me there. Punish kids and coaches who never had anything to do with it. Job well done. That will help the victims out right? Because that's what this is all about... the victims.

Taking away scholarships that negatively affect a brand new coaching staff and players who worked hard to be where they are is bullshit. And like I said before, if they wanted to implement a bigger fine, I'm cool with that. That would do more for the situation as far as the victims which again, that is what this is all about. And if you don't think fining the university more and keeping the four year bowl ban and erasing Paterno's wins isn't a deterrent as is for future wrong doings, that's pretty pathetic.
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