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Default Re: Clippers Sign Ruben Patterson

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Ross isnt a rookie. he has been around
i am a laker fan. but i know about the clippers.(my brother and gf are clipper fans)
and i understand and also think that Qross is underrated. But Raja and Ron are both said to be a bit dirty but not like Bruce.What about him? and i have seen Ross do a great job on AI. tho Ai still does what AI does.(i was in the 4th row when sixers played clippers last year.) i have seen Ross and i think he is a good defender but not like Raja or Artest
I never said Ross was a rookie, I said according to the Rookie Poll. They asked who are you most looking forward to playing against. A majority of their answers were All-Stars but one Rookie named Ross. See that is what I'm talking about you only know about one game you seen him play. He has slowed down Nash, Parker, Lebron, Redd, Kobe, and Mello to name a few. He brings his 110% defensive effort no matter who he is assigned. The only time his assignment really takes off is when he is given a break and relieved by another player.

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