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Default Re: Your favorite Outkast album?

Originally Posted by gencbiba
How come Outkast never gets any love though from hip-hop fans? Besides some of the more knowledgable guys like you all. Outkast is remembered for Hey Ya too much. When I tell people Andre3000 is one of the best emcees, they look at me like I'm crazy.
they do get a lot of love from hiphop fans but it's just that loads of hiphop fans like to go against the stream whatever it takes. as soon as someone becomes succesful, even if they do it 100% their owen way, they'll start hating it. hiphop fans always want to be underground etc. the only way you'll get all of them to like a certain artist is if the artist dies.

big l suddenly became everbody's favorite rapper and jdilla suddenly changed their lives. bull**** since 90% of them never heard ofbig l before he died and most of them were on premiers dick before they hopped on jdilla's dead weener.
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