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Default Kirk Hinrich?

I've been pushing that the Raptors need serious backcourt help for a while now. Mike Miller has been my #1 option as a trade target but just today I thought, why not Kirk Hinrich be another top target?

- Hinrich is 6'3 and has shown be to a competent (sometimes quite good) defensive player at PG and SG.

- He has 4 years left on his contract at prices:$10,000,000, $9,500,000, $9,000,000, $8,000,000. That might be a bit long but the Raptors should not be giving up much in any deal here.

- Chicago already has Rose at PG and Gordon and Sefolosha at SG. Yes they might lose Gordon but a trade here might give them more room to keep him.

- Parker is gone after this season. I guarantee he will get a better offer somewhere overseas.

- I would start a backcourt of Calderon and Hinrich. You do lose offensive efficiency with Hinrich over Parker but you get younger, you gain more creativity and playmaking (something I think is a big need for the Raptors), and, if needed, you get someone else who can play PG.

So what to trade for him? Some combination of my usual trade assets:

Parker - $4.5 million expirer

Graham - $2.5 million expirer

Kapono - $5.8mil, $6.2mil, $6.41mil. You push for the Bulls to take him off your hands but I doubt that happens. Kapono's contract stinks.

Future 1st rounder - around $1.5 million assuming Raptors pick around #20.

Bargnani - $5.1mil, $6.5mil. I'd prefer to trade Bargnani for something else though.

It's not a move that turns the Raptors into instant contenders but gives them a decent younger long-term option at SG and PG without breaking the bank.
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