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I am not in favour of this. Hinrich is a bad shooter, he is foul prone and lacks size. He is a good defender, but is only effective against PGs and if we are to be contending for a championship, he can't be the answer. This move would automatically mean Kapono starting (We'd need him, if not AP must be there) which is a good move, but leaves us with nothing on the bench - less nothing than what we have now. Hinrich can be his own enemy many of nights because of the constant foul trouble he gets himself into. I would rather have Gordon coming off the bench for us for a season, but that's another topic.

Also, reports from Chicago have him struggling to find his niche sharing the PG duties and playing SG, something he is doing particularly well. He is throwing up his bricks, and his contract is not good. When he signed it, I thought he was gonna get better, but he has gotten worse...
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