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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Interminator
Undersized SG slasher who will spend the early part of his career trying to be molded into a PG and will struggle because he doesn't possess the instincts and vision to be a successful NBA PG.

You're talking about a 3* prospect out of HS who even in HS was an undersized slashing SG.

Westbrook is a slashing Monta Ellis type of SG but Monta Ellis has a track record of being a big time scorer who can create his own shot but Russell on the other hand never scored more than 22 Pts since the end of his HS career.

Westbrook is not comparable with Randy Foye another undersized SG who was attempted to be molded into a PG because Randy Foye is a stronger and more athletic 2 who enjoys to draw contact but can shoot from the outside and create his own shot.

Westbrook has emerged as a Top 10 pick although he was considered a player who could've gone between 16-25 just 6 weeks ago and him possibly going to New York at #6 or anywhere in the lottery will draw a microscope to his progression.

Russell unlike the other Guards in this draft class doesn't have something he's so good at that it can keep him employed in the NBA,his defense is good sometimes but it's been overlooked that Ben Howland teaches his players great zone defense and Russell is potentially a product of that defensive scheme.

Russell has quick hands and can get a steal or two but how he'll be able to fair in a man to man defense against much stronger PG's such as Baron Davis,Deron Williams,Jason Kidd,Chauncey,etc on the defensive end is in doubt.

I'm sorry but Russell Westbrook will be the 1st player from this draft class who will be out of the league.

It's always fun looking at old threads.
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