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Default Re: NBA Draft Lottery Thread

Originally Posted by RIP CITY
Obviously hoping the Pistons move up into the Top 3, not holding my breath though.

The NBA needs to make the Lottery far more transparent if they ever want to get rid of the public perception that it's rigged. Show the empty tank, put the balls in one by one while showing the team logo on each ball to the camera before placing it in and holding the Lottery live. Might take longer but it would put the questions about the Lottery's integrity to bed. It's not like they don't have the time to do it, they spend about an hour playing around talking with the teams representatives and having the analysts babble about nonsense beforehand. Nobody gives a shit about what the ESPN talking heads have to say, just focus on the actual process of the Lottery and make it fully transparent. The fact it's done off camera and read from envelopes only fans the flames of the conspiracy that it's rigged.
The lottery doesn't work like that. There are no logos on balls. It's set up like the actual lottery, where each team has a set of combinations, similar to a lottery ticket. They draw four numbers, and whichever team the combination of numbers belongs to is the one who gets the first, second and third picks. That is the reason why the worst team rarely ever wins the lottery.

They put a video of last year's drawing on the internet last year.
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