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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Lopez + Dudly and 13 pick for Flynn and the #2?

Man you would destroy the Wolves if you were GM.

He did say or Gortat. If the Wolves can get Gortat and 13 for the 2 and maybe Darko, they should pull the trigger for sure. Gortat is a legit starting C in this league. Keep Beasley, draft someone like Jimmer or Singleton at 13 and you have a pretty good team.Much better defensively if you add both Gortat and Singleton. If Rubio is legit your team is at least right there with a Memphis IMO. Gortat,Love,Beasley,Webster,Rubio is pretty talented and well rounded. Wes,Randolph,Pek,Ridnour,Singleton,Flynn,Ellington off the bench has potential to be pretty sick.
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