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Default Re: Where were you when the Towers fell?

I was coming from first bell (Business Orientation) to second bell (Art II), walked in and saw both one tower on fire. I asked, "Is this some type of movie or something." then literally 3 seconds after I asked that question I saw the second plane hit.

I was very sad that day. Sad for the people down there that went through it, sad about the future soldiers that I knew who would get deployed, sad for their families, sad for the families in whatever country we would occupy and sad for their families who would die as collateral damage. Setting their looking at the pile of burning rubble that day, I knew there was going to be a lot of things that were going to effect a lot of people, but I felt revenge is the last reaction we should have even though it's natural to feel that way.

I feel after that I became a more peaceful person.

My worldview didn't change, it's pretty much remained the same since I was 15 years old.

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