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Default Re: Pistons Pick Up a 2nd Round Sleeper: Literally (narcolepsy)

Originally Posted by embersyc
Good to see at least one other person is being optimistic.

Some clowns on this board, and in the team forum are calling for Dumars to be fired.

If Dumars EVER gets fired I will no longer be a Pistons fan, but instead a fan of Dumars's new team. He won't stay unemployed a week.

I am fxcking tired of everyone on the radio and everywhere I go ripping on Dumars. Stupid dip shxt fake fux trashing Dumars. Darko this, Rodney White this. Fuc outta here with that tired ol shxt…

Joe Dumars did smart by giving one 1st round pick and getting 2 second round picks one of which was a high 2nd rounder…

I am looking to see how Sharpe plays in summer league!
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