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Default Hibachi is Back

Pistons (4-4) at Wizards (2-6); Return of Agent Zero?

Wizards starters: Gilbert Arenas, Mike Miller, Caron Butler, Andray Blatche, Brendan Haywood

Pistons: Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon, Jonas Jerebko, Charlie Villanueva, Ben Wallace

Line: Wizards by 3

Gilbert Arenas had an announcement to make as walked through the locker room on Saturday. Arenas lifted his headphones from his ears, smiled and proclaimed, "I'm Zero. I'm not Gilbert no more."

"Gilbert's not working out," said Arenas, who claimed that he retired his Agent Zero and Hibachi personas on media day.

Asked why he decided to go back to Agent Zero, Arenas said, "It ain't working if we lost five in a row. Coach told me he didn't want the angry man no more. So, he's back."

Arenas's personal trainer, Tim Grover, is in town visiting him during this long home stand. Grover walked into the locker room, tapped Arenas on the shoulder and said, "Let's go, Hibachi."

Arenas nodded, and they went to the weight room.

Mike Miller was getting dressed at a nearby locker stall and was grinning when he heard Arenas respond to the name, "Hibachi."

"I've been waiting on Hibachi all year," Miller said.

DeShawn Stevenson said on media day that he didn't think Arenas would be able to keep up his mad-at-the-world attitude for an entire season. When he heard that the Hibachi was back, he said, "I told you it wouldn't last."

It lasted eight games. Or less. Arenas certainly appeared to bring back his Hibachi pose --- palms up, hands moving side to side --- after making a long jump shot against Phoenix. Stevenson said he did the same move in Atlanta, when he started out the first quarter of that game on fire. Of course, the Wizards lost both games.

Antawn Jamison's much anticipated debut will have to wait at least one more game. He was unable to participate in the morning shootaround because of an illness that has knocked him out for the past few days.

Miller is back after missing the past three days with a sprained left shoulder. Miller said that he was going to tough it out despite the pain. "To be honest with you, it's one of the worst ones I had, the shoulder," Miller said. "I didn't expect that, but you know, it's a fun pain."

Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton missed his eighth consecutive game with a sprained right ankle. Before the game, he said that a year away from Flip Saunders helped him gain a greater appreciation for him. The Pistons won 59 games in Saunders's final season in Detroit.

"I told him that," Hamilton said. "Having him here, and then having Michael Curry, it was like night and day. It was like, 'Yo, Flip, man, you were great at what you did.' You really appreciate what he brought to the team and how he made the game easy. And how he allowed you to go out there and make plays."


Lets hope that hibachi and agent zero can return us to our winning ways

Edit: i had a feeling that this no more hibachi/agent zero thing wouldn't work out

I had to read the first sentence of that article a couple of times cause i thought it said gilbert was retiring. Im glad that gilbert's growing up but im not sure if it will be good for his game. He is coming into what... his 8th or 9th year (sorry if im off by a year or two) and you would think that he has developed into the type of player he was going to be for the rest of his career, and now he is changing that completely I just hope that he doesn't lose any of his old skills when he kicks out Agent 0 and hibachi

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