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Default Re: Landowning: the main cause of wealth inequality

My Uncle makes a great argument that landowning is evil. Made me question my support of free market capitalism a little bit. I think in the end it's just an impossible question. This is what I mean.

Some people think landowning is perfect system. Some people think it's evil. Most people don't think about it.

Some people think it should be done THIS way. Some people think it should be done THIS way. Most with strong opinions on the topic have different ideas of how it should be done.

In the end, what can be done about it? You can become a philosopher and maybe in 200 years your ideas will start to show some sort of effect, but probably not. Other than that... you have no say.. this is just the systems humans have come out with.

I think property rights are natural to an extent however. I think people naturally claim property as their own, and I think it's unnatural to say, "this land is everyone's." I think the latter would almost always come about by force.
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