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Default Re: Were we wrong about Kim Jung?

Originally Posted by jstern
I know the answers and reasons for many things, but not for most things. I am part of an intelligence community.

That's why if you follow some of my comment they don't fit the norm. For example I'm pro Obama, anti Hillary, and I'm pro Trump, despite mostly arguing with Trump supporters. The reasons why, no one here would ever be able to speculate.

I call bullshit that you are part of the intelligence community, and I also call bullshit on anyone who claims to be pro Obama while simultaneously being pro trump and anti Hillary.

The only substantial difference between Hillary and Obama is that Obama is actually charismatic. They both support the same policies (pro corporate america, pro endless war/violence/torture, pro spying on the american public, pro trade deals like the TPP that have decimated this country, pro student debt, pro toxic identity politics, anti universal healthcare, anti accountability, anti labor unions, anti accountability...etc). Also if you have paid any attention to what Mr and Mrs Obama have done since they left office, you would be disturbed by the fact that they have spent the past 2 years collecting "speaking fees" from the same people and corporations who bribed Hillary... not to mention the fact that the Obamas have both been condescendingly lecturing the nation on our racism and stupidity for voting for Trump.

The funny thing is that Trump never could have been elected without Obamas lies and betrayal of the middle class. When americans voted for "hope" and "change" in 2008 they were desperate. At the time, millions of americans were in the process of being kicked out of their homes as a result of the financial crisis, and disillusionment over our foreign wars was reaching new heights with each passing day. When Obama bailed out the banks that were foreclosing on bankrupt americans, continued and expanded the wars, and otherwise failed to deliver any of the hope or change that he promised... cynicism toward the political system skyrocketed to levels never before seen in this nation. Remember when Obama promised to close Guantanamo? I remember... yet 10 years later we still have torture victims held there indefinitely without any kind of trial. If Obama had actually delivered on any of his promises, the democrats likely would have won the election, but instead Obamas betrayal and broken promises resulted in mass disillusionment and cynicism toward the entire political system, and this resulted in the rise of populists like Trump and Bernie.

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