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Default Re: Discussion: Is this team doomed?

i think its more about the front office now if the team is doomed. we havent always had good coaches. the team can afford to keep going but i am not sure they can win.

you need good management with a clear goal/plan
a coach who can bring it together
players that fit with talent to win

with the newer rules it sure makes it hard to have the wiggle room to make the moves you need. if anyone is going to pull it off its the lakers.

kobe i dont think he should rush back. might be better to take the year off and 100% heal. might be better to be older and healed then back and not 100%.

dwight make the case show him the banners again and let it be. if he walks he walks.

pau i dont think we can get anything close for him vs what he gives us. they can try to trade i dont see it unless they take picks/weaker players.

nash and metta not going anywhere and i hope Clark resigns.

all comes down to A dwight resigns B kobe can play or not.
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