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Default Re: Discussion: Is this team doomed?

Originally Posted by bladefd
Seems like LaMarcus Aldridge wants out of Portland. I would gladly take him over Blake Griffin if Dwight truly wants out. Maybe a package of Aldridge+Hickson for Dwight. Then I wish there was some way to acquire Iguodala for Gasol


I would gladly take that young team over Nash, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Dwight than risk losing Dwight for nothing..
I like Aldridge but not Hickson.
Hey, How fast can the Nets trade KG and Pierce?
What about renting these guys for 1-2 yrs via S&T with Howard and fillers?
KG has a house in Malibu, Pierce grew up here, Howard mentioned about wanting to play for the Nets.
In 2 years you get rid of ALL the superstars and create cap room for free agents.
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