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Default Re: Discussion: Is this team doomed?

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
Lakers have several forces working against them:

1) Jim Buss - complete egotistical silver-spooned moron. He is the greatest threat to his franchise ever.

2) Mike D'Antoni - another egotistical moron that runs his mouth and says stupider things than George Bush (both Jr. and Sr.). He is not capable of leading a team to a ring... see #1 for reason why he is a Laker.

3) Payroll - with the new CBA, the Lakers are under incredible pressure to shed payroll and this will have an impact on every decision they make going forward. The new rules are extremely punitive and the Lakers are way, way over the new cap.

4) Kobe Transition Years - with the new CBA, Kobe's remaining years as a Laker and his expectations for compensation as he declines will continue to be a problem. The classiest act he could do is to play for Vets min after next season since he has made so much money on the Lakers payroll. Obviously, he will never do that, and he will be hurting his own cause (wanting more rings) because of it. Greed will always overtake Rings...

I have significant concerns that if Jim Buss does not step away from this organization and let Jeanie/Phil run it, the Lakers dynasty and prestige will be tarnished for years many to come.

thats the most important part and i agree with it....

on a lighter note:
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