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Default Re: Trump vs athletes on Twitter

Originally Posted by NumberSix
You know what other drug has the exact same level of harsh punishment as crack? Crystal meth. You know who overwhelmingly are the users of crystal meth? White people.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason crack and crystal meth have harsher punishments than powder cocaine is because they are both more addictive and more destructive than powder cocaine.
Then why go after the users? That makes no sense? Your later statements cancel out your earlier ones. They don't go after Meth users the same way they did crack users, that's not true. I would incidentally come up on articles about how the users of each were portrayed differently and were treated differently. They went hard at chemical suppliers and dealers with Meth. When TPOLs said look at the film 13 on Netflix it shows you the long tradition of incarceration and its disproportion on black communities. How it intentionally was a way to get slave production after slavery.
Also, the fact that in the 80s black leaders specifically demanded the government crackdown hard on crack because it was devastating black communities.

But I guess it's more fun to just pretend it's a racist conspiracy.
You have trouble understanding things. Black leaders never said go after the users. Many blacks were showing where drug dealers were dealing crack and the police wouldn't do anything. There were TV shows about it.

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