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Default Re: Trump vs athletes on Twitter

Originally Posted by Pointguard

Social Science isn't social philosophy. Karl Marx is a bad example. It has some science in those books but most of it is based on Philosophy. WEB Dubois is often called the Father of Social Science not by me. His book the Philadelphia Negro, has not one preceding book that approaches it's scientific approach to social phenomena like it. Not ONE book.
"social science" is philosophy--it's rooted in positivism, of the most dogmatic sort, and it's mostly nonsensical attempts to quantify the unquantifiable and to ignore almost everything qualitative about sociological phenomena. e.g. (crudest example) 1 human being does not equal 1 human being--they are different, empirically, and thus cannot be both quantified in such a way without overlooking other important factors. The fact you seem to think all human beings are an interchangable data point perhaps explains why your understanding of society in general is so f*cking retarded.

Nor did WEB Dubois found it. That is a ridiculous claim.
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