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Default Re: Becoming a catch and shoot player

Originally Posted by keep-itreal
hello, thx for the tips and advices guys.

One thing I noticed while practicing, I have small hands which makes it really hard for me to control how I want to release the ball. Am I screwed?

Spot-up shooting I'm okay because at least I have some time to get a good grip on the ball before releasing it.
Heck no you're not screwed. I'm 6'3'' but I'm built like a T-Rex, meaning I have arms and hands disproportionately short in comparison to the rest of my body. I cannot come very close to palming a basketball. I'm not even sure I can palm a women's ball. Still, shooting is not an issue.

Stabilizing the ball on a jump shot is not about hand size. In fact, stabilization is the whole point of your left hand being on the ball to begin with. A jump shot is a one-handed motion. Our strong hand is beneath the ball and we push it forward and upward as we jump. The only reason our left hand is there is to prevent the ball from falling off our pedestal. As such, hand size should not really matter, as the left hand should be in charge of keeping things balanced, and it doesn't take much hand size to do so.

I'd say just concentrate on spreading your fingers wide, placing the ball on the pads of your hand (not the palm), and find a shooting pocket that correctly allows you to control the ball with your guide hand (left) and shooting hand (right), assuming you're right handed.
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