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Default Re: Becoming a catch and shoot player

being a catch and shoot player is almost entirely how you prepare before you catch the ball

1) if you're taking a three, take a step back from the line so you can step into your shot

2) hands up, knees bent, this applies to anytime you don't have the ball so this should be a given.

3) elevation. it creates distance vertically from a player who may be trailing you. so instead of trailing you half a step, if you elevate you now gain that half step PLUS that vertical distance to shoot. again, most of that depends on how you prepare yourself before the shot

4) if you have the proper mechanics, just let if fly. when taking catch and shoot jumpers i try to remember BEEF, Balance, Elbow, Eye (elbow of your shooting arm should be above eye level when you release the ball to get a nice high release) Follow through. its important to be comfortable, but without the right mechanics and a lot of repetition itll be hard to know what went wrong if you missed.

5) practice. repetition. get a buddy or teammate and challenge them to a shooting contest from as many spots on the floor as you like. competition always seems to speed up the learning process.
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