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Default Re: In The Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Shaquille O'Neal Debate, The Dream Remains Unbeatable

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Shaq was covered by multiple defenders in pretty much every series in the early 00's and was more heavily defended then any player ever in the history of the game.

Hakeem was usually covered 1v1.

Haha, biggest pile of crap ever. Hakeem even got double and triple teams on him in the '86 season vs Kareem in the playoffs and vs the Celtics in the finals. And during his back to backs he got double and triple teams on him constantly, you obviously never saw him play.

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Shaq destryed DPOY Mutombo.
Dominated against the Sabonis/Sheed/Pippen defense.
Dominated Duncan/DRob defensive duo.
Dominated B. Wallace.
Outplayed Peak Hakeem multiple times and overall played him to a wash his first 3 years in the league.
Held his own and basically played Peak DRob to a wash his first few years.
Outplayed Prime Ewing his first few years in the league.

Destroying Mutombo is not a big deal, the guy is no where close being top 10 and while winning he destroyed a 34 year old Mutombo who only played 26 games in the regular season of that year.

Robinson guarded Shaq and he was way out of his prime, he was washed up when Shaq finally won.

Wallace is an undersized player who wouldn't be no where close the top centers in the '90's.

He didn't play Hakeem to a wash in his 3 first years, in fact he got swept and outplayed by Hakeem and then he started to cry.

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Yeah... Shaq proved himself against the best Centers outplaying or at worst holding his own against them in his first few years in the league. It's not his fault some of them were old by time he started hitting his Prime years.

Shaq didn't win anything at all against the best centers, the closest was in '95 when Hakeem outplayed and swept him.

Still he faced plenty of excellent defenders and elite defenses in the 00's so he proved his worth then too.

No where close to the centers Hakeem faced during his back to backs.

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Shaq was far better then Hakeem on the offensive end and defensively he was still always one of the most impactful players in the game year after year pretty much from 93-05. He was one of the best at protecting the paint, blocking shots and M2M Defense. Hakeem was obviously light years better at help defense and steals but he has that edge over almost all Centers except Drob.

He was not far better then Hakeem on the offensive end, Hakeem is one of the greatest scoring centers of all-time and in fact he has the highest PPG average among all the centers of all-time in the playoffs. And defensively it's not even close, Hakeem edge in defense is by far greater then Shaq's on offense.

Hakeem was a multiple DPOY and the all-time shotblocking leader (at least from when it was counted) and Shaq never even made an All-NBa defensive first team...
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