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Default Re: In The Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Shaquille O'Neal Debate, The Dream Remains Unbeatable

Originally Posted by millwad
No, he was not very close to Hakeem from '93 to '95, that's horse shit.

Hakeem in '95 crushed the league MVP Robinson like no other league MVP has been outplayed before and then Houstan went on to dominating and sweeping Shaq in the finals, the same Shaq who was 2nd on the MVP-list that year.

Actually Hakeem did not outplay Shaq and 3/4 games went down to the wire.

Post Season 1995 : 4 Games
Shaq = 28ppg / 12.5rpg / 6.3apg / 2.5bpg | 60% shooting
Hakeem = 32ppg / 11.5rpg / 5.5apg / 2bpg | 48% shooting

If not for Hakeems roleplayers stepping up especially in the Clutch and Shaqs roleplayers playing poorly and choking the Magic could have easily won the series.

lol @ Shaq holding him to 48% shooting on single coverage while Shaq was double teamed the entire series.
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