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Default Re: In The Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Shaquille O'Neal Debate, The Dream Remains Unbeatable

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
Shaq was the better play and its not close.

Better production.
Better impact on the offense end.
Consistently led his teams to 50+ wins even when he had garbage casts.

Shaq didnt get 1st teams on defense because the award is usually given to the wrong player or to specalists like Mutombo/Wallace.

Hakeem is the best defensive C ever in a class where I'd only put DRob in but Shaq is in the class right after that.

He was one of the best in the league in terms of M2M Defense, shot blocking and protecting the paint.
Hakeem was better at help defense and steals which is the main reason he was a better defender.

Shaq was a better playoff performer, produced at a higher level, had an incomparably more dominant Prime and faced the same and better competition.

There is no debate to who is the better player unless your a biased troll named spitwad.

Still not replying to my comments, you just keep on your trolling while getting destroyed as usual, Brian.

Shaq didn't have garbage cast, he had way better teammates then Hakeem and had the luxury of playing with the greatest guards of his era and even of all-time and in the worst center era of all-time.

Haha, so how was Shaq a better defensive player then Mutombo and Wallace? How is it wrong that they got picked over Shaq when it came to defense when they both were better defenders..

Haha, and you mean that Shaq is a better defender then guys like Wilt, Thurmond, Russell, Mourning, Wallace, Robinson, Duncan etc...

And Shaquille played garbage centers in his prime and when he won, it's not a thing to be proud of that you stop guys like Mutombo..

And sure, Brian, Shaq faced better competition..
Hakeem won while he faced Ewing, Robinson and Shaq himself.. Shaq won while he faced out of prime Sabonis, old fart Mutombo, old fart Smits etc..
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