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Default Former Blazers president Larry Miller leaves to work for Jordan Brand

Former Blazers president Larry Miller discussed his decision to step down after five years on the job to return to Jordan Brand, the Nike affiliate where he served as president before coming to the Blazers.

Miller refuted rumors that said he was displeased with the hiring of Olshey, and reiterated his stance that it was the right time to leave the organization given the "good hands" it was in.

Olshey, meanwhile, confessed that Miller's resignation "caught me off guard."

"Larry is the perfect president because he knows basketball, he knows how important it is, he does everything on the business end to make sure we have all the resources we would need," Olshey said. "He also has major connections."

Olshey was then asked if he was interested in becoming president."How about I worry about doing this job before I worry about getting another job? You've got to be kidding me," Olshey said. "I was an English major. I can't even do an excel sheet. I have no idea what presidents do. I just find players."

-- Columbian
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