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Default Re: Larry Bird DEFENSE (VIDEO)

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
Actually coordination is a part of one's athletic ability imo. He just had the quickest hands, amazing hand eye coordination, really coordinated for his size, great footwork, deceptively quick also especially in small space, great stamina, really strong and relatively mobile for his size.
He didn't have below average athleticism, especially in his younger, non-injury years, dude was a pro-athlete, you can't be a pro bball player with below average athleticism. He was decent in terms of athleticism, especially when considering those things I mentioned above, when compared to other NBA players, especially the most athletic ones, I would agree about the average athleticism, but not really below average though.

Yea, seems like Bird has some haters around, I don't know about the black thing, I'm black, well, white father and black mother, don't know if that's what changes things, but I know black guys who really admire his game so I don't know.
Maybe it causes hate to see a white hick dominating in a sport where the best players are usually black, or like you've said, a dude that's not really athletic, making athletic freaks look like fools, say like this:
And that's just one example out of many

edit: Also found this:
A guy with below average athleticism can't do that. He also has the same vert has Karl Malone, and Karl was never called a non leaping guy, probably because he's black and has that crazy frame.

Good Post.

Bird in Term of Potence (full speed) WAS REALLY BELOW AVERAGE, He Was!...That is Why He Was The One Inbounding the Balls for the Celtics Always.

His Leap Was Ok but Average Compared to an Average Athletic Dude. His Quickness Was Ok but Thats Pretty Much It.

Bird was Just Aware, Very Aware Defensively and Offensively Compared to the Rest (black or white). He Did Little Things Crafty and Skilled Wise that Made him Great like being a Wizard at Shooting and Passing Fakes (causing the other teams defense to move out and colapse leaving open spaces etc), Greatly Coordinated for a 6`9 1/2 dude (was totally ambitextrious too), Master at Reading Angles in the Mid Range, Great Foot Work, Crazy Shooting Form Far From the Defender So He Was Able to Shoot Easy etc.

From 1979 to 1988 He Was Just the Best SF of the 80s by Far. After that His Back Injuries Really Deleated His Potential Play but his IQ, Tecnique, Intelligence, Witts, Smarts, Hustle and All Around Set Was There...Just Not as Dominant as Before.

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