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Default Re: i don't get the hate for D'Antoni or the Lakers

Originally Posted by Jasper
I was going to start a new thread in the Lakers forum , but decided the front page had only Laker threads so I decided to add my comments in this thread.

If D'Antoni wants to fix the Lakers into a team , this team never was and try to bring back showtime , he will need to move his personal into different rolls

Jodie Meeks isn't a starter , but needs to move into the starting SG spot.
Nash mans the point obviously
Howard is athletic enough to man the 5
Jamison needs to move to PF
and lastly Kobe needs to move to SF

This will open the floor for Nash , create slice lanes , spot up jumper spots ,and still have enough defense to protect the basket...

wouldn't the Lakers lov to have my Bucks Sanders


The Lakers would have no use for Sanders...and this team is made to run the floor. Hell, even Gasol is good at running the floor...well, he was when was Pau Gasol.

But moving Kobe to SF and Meeks into the starting lineup...that's not bad. And I don't necessarily disagree. It's playing with 3 guards and opening up the frontcourt. Artest does nothing but stand in the corner anyway. If he keeps up his wide-open shooting, guys will start to cover him. I don't think he's shooting well when defended, but I do think he's shooting.

Maybe they should have kept that CDR guy and let him be the starting 3...or, even better, they should have signed Barbosa...or sign someone. If they Meeks into the starting lineup, they need a SG.
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