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Small Forward of the future is going to be Rudy Fernandez. Outlaw is being groomed to be a back up power forward probably to keep him and Fernandez here.

In the draft I'd love to see the Blazers take Collison. I think he's the best PG in the draft for Nate's system. He's like a younger, more athletic Steve Blake and has pretty good basketball fundementals.

If Love is around, I feel like Portland would take him though because we love to bring home kids who are from the NW

Dan Dickau
Fred Jones
Brandon Roy
Martell Webster

All since Pritchard has been in the draft room and Ass. GM or GM of the Blazers.

I feel that James Jones will walk which is why I'd prefer the Blazers moving up and taking Eric Gordon to fill the outside shooting void on the bench that Jones will leave. I'm not sold on Webster as a Glenn Rice type player anymore. He's far to inconsistant and I think he will be shopped with picks and Jarrett Jack and all the other people they could trade
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