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Default Re: >Worst< Raptor in history?

Originally Posted by Sekman
on Mike Bradley, how could the scouts messed up THAT bad. Even as a recreational/amateur baller of myself, I can see that he's no good. I bet a lot of you agree that he was OBVIOUSLY weaker than the other candidates to be drafted from just "eyeballing"

Although to be fair, who else was in that draft at the spot the Raptors were picking? I think Zach Randolph rings a bell, so let's be thankful we never had that to deal with.

Pretty sure Arenas and Gerald Wallace could've also been had, but they were both far from being a sure thing at that point. Neither guy would've stuck around in those dog days of this team anyway.

P.S. Keon Clark, Mister 'I never played a game sober'... he still stands out in my mind as one of those quintessential Raptors.

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