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Default Re: Thunder trade first round pick for Sefolosha

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
I don't know a lot about him. From what I hear it is a solid trade.

After learning about him and watching some videos I like this trade a lot.

I think we are trying to get better defensively. Sefolosha is a great defensive player along with Westbrook and Green who are both solid defenders. I think we tried to make a move for Chandler because of his defense. Durant needs to improve on defense so we can have a great defensive team, we know he can score but to become a superstar like Kobe and Lebron he needs to be able to play defense like they do.

It looks like Ron Adams hands are all over this move. Ron was brought in as a defensive specialist and lead asst. coach from Chicago two months ago so he had been one of Sefolosha's coaches since he was drafted and entered the league.
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