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I think 2003 class includes 4 Hall of Famers (LeBron, Wade, Carmelo, Bosh).
Bosh is still really young player, and he is improving in daily basis.
If you can averge 20 and 10 for 5-7 years and 1-2 titles also, then you propably are going to be Hall of Famer.
Wade already got Championship and there will like 4-5 years when he is going be in that level. Then propably some athletic goes away and he is going to be the guy, who averges 13points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists for his second part of carreer. But i think he can put together 3-4 Championship titles because he is really smart player.
LeBron is no brainer, probaly he his Hall of Famer already, just needs couple of Championship titles to back this up.
I really feel bad for Carmelo this season, he was playing so well and then it was that brawl. I really hope that he can get back to business with same level what he definetely had before brawl.
Carmelo Anthony needs Championship titles to be Hall of Famer.

And there is also a lot guys who can back this 4 up.

PGs like TJ. Ford, Luke Ridnour, Mo Williams, Kirk Hinrich.

Josh Howard, David West, Chris Kaman, Mickael Pietrus, Boris Diaw, Leandro Barbosa, Luke Walton, Jason Kapono is playing well alongside of Wade.
Kyle Korver is good. Nick Collison is solid.
Darko has definetely talent to be good.

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