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Default Re: nugs need a new head coach

all a basketball coach can really control is who plays with who and for how long. Karls job is to put the players in the best possible positions to succeed and he doesnt do it. He is unwilling to use his most talented players to the best of their ability. Just because you get good results out of roleplayers doesnt mean you should build around them. Its karls fault that he doesnt use JR smith correctly. The guy builds his career out of making scapegoats to keep the blame off of him. Last year would have went the same whether dantley or karl finised it, It was the team and the direction that Karl put in place. Karl must have been so thrilled when the idiots thought he was the missing link. Let him rack up meaningless wins and be the big ego somewhere else, this team is ready to win and needs Karl far away from it to play at its highest level.
ty lawson in at the end of the portland game was a joke, and forbes proves that an afflalo can be created- they all have ability and need the right opportunity- you dont put players where they dont belong or it messes up the whole order of the team.
Karl is dishonest about the talent on the team, he isnt going to change he wants jr and carmelo gone and a couple more no pressure years to rack up wins- all the nugs need is an honest coach who has desire to get the most out of the roster and the nugs are a contendor
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