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Default Re: Southland is coming back in January!

Originally Posted by dunksby
I don't like it either but you had to see that coming, Ben was always the guy who made an error here and there and overreacted. He has a good heart but his background, playboy mentality and impulsive behavior pointed to a downfall. Seriously the writing of this show is top notch, everything happens for reasons that have already been hinted at before.
Did anybody else predicted Strokeface was gonna get impaled after Sherman tagged one of those Iron rods and camera zoomed in on it? Could that have been an Omen tribute as well?
Yeah, I agree with you - just hate the fact most of his scenes this season seem to have been relating to that or his many flings.

I still miss the pairing of Cooper and Sherman, though I really liked Lucero until his death too. Despite a good angle, that's what I hate most. That boot Cooper was stuck with before was
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