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Default Re: I Dont Believe Isiah Did What He Did.

Originally Posted by Ben Wogu
don't be so foolish about the CBA's annoying...that league was already nosediving, and 10 feet away from smacking the pavement when he bought it...Nobody could've resurrected that league...he was actually trying to make it a farm system for the NBA, and as soon as he bought it the NBA set up the USBL pretty much killing any chance of that happening.

At best, IT made a bad investment. But, so far after 4 years with the Knicks under Thomas, they have not had a single winning season or even win a single playoff game and are in salary cap hell for the foreseeable future with the NBA's highest payroll -- by far. IT is responsible for most (if not all) of the bad acquisitions and contracts in the past 4 years. Larry Brown, Jerome James, Jarrid Jeffries, Steve Francis -- and many more. Now add $11M+ for sexual harassment. Why does this guy still have a job at MSG?

James Dollan has got to be the world's biggest and richest fool!

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