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Default Re: Knicks get rights to Josh Harrellson (2011 NBA Draft pick) from Hornets

The three big guys in the second round, aside from our pick Harrellson and undrafted Rick Jackson from Syracuse that were being talked about were:
Trey Thompkins - 1st round talent but came into the combine overweight and out of shape. Out of shape in many of the team workouts conducted as well. If a guy can't get in shape to invest in his future, you might want to pass. That is why he slipped to the second round.
Keith Benson - again, could have been a 1st round talent but weighs only 217 pounds at 6'10'' and is considered soft. Another Jared Jeffries with just a bit more talent playing center for us now, maybe not.
Jeremy Tyler - the most intriguing of the bunch as far as talent and size BUT he is very immature. He also worked out for the Knicks and you guess if the saw something that they did not like and decided not to pursue. Just read as well that Golden State paid a whopping 2 mil for the rights to Jeremy Tyler which is substantially more than what we paid for pick 45.

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