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Default Re: Knicks get rights to Josh Harrellson (2011 NBA Draft pick) from Hornets

Apparently you didnt watch till the end.I saw quite a few NBA level moves.Something Harrelson has NEVER done and probably never will.If that was an attempt to discredit my comment,that was an epic fail.Furthermore,I could go to a more recent video footage of Harrelson getting the business in his Kings workout.

Keith Benson - again, could have been a 1st round talent but weighs only 217 pounds at 6'10'' and is considered soft. Another Jared Jeffries with just a bit more talent playing center for us now, maybe not.

1st of all he blocks shots.Jeffries Doesnt.He has a nice face up game.Jeffries doesn't.He has range as far as 20 feet.Jeffries doesnt.PPL fill out all the time. Sure you would like him to have an NBA ready body but adding muscle isnt that hard.DeAndre Jordan was rail thin and I'd LOVE to have him on our team.
He grew up playing PG and grew liek 6 inches in college.Thats why he hasn't filled out yet.

Since we're posting videos,check this out.I apologize for the song.It isn't my video lol
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