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Default Re: Knicks get rights to Josh Harrellson (2011 NBA Draft pick) from Hornets

Originally Posted by franchize
Apparently you didnt watch till the end.I saw quite a few NBA level moves.Something Harrelson has NEVER done and probably never will.If that was an attempt to discredit my comment,that was an epic fail.Furthermore,I could go to a more recent video footage of Harrelson getting the business in his Kings workout.
First i don't read what you write, i coudn't care less about your comments.
i didn't quote you did i? I quoted the post above me, a point for paranoia.

Guess you miss being own by me,

I then presume you wanted Jeremy Tyler? I must say i'm not surprised and further reinforces my opinion of you, you understanding of the game is below average and your talent evaluation is a complete joke. How is Joe Alexander doing? The second coming of Jordan according to you.

You saw some NBA Level moves on that clip? That's frigging hilarious, even more if we take in account the level of his opposition. The only thing Jeremy Tyler have that can relate to the NBA is height. I will be surprised if he is still in the league 3 years from now.

Jerome Jordan looks like Hakeem compared to Jeremy Tyler.

Nowhere i mentioned Josh, again i just responded to the post above me, but since you brought him up, Josh right now >>>>>>>>>>>>> Jeremy Tyler.

has been a huge factor in Kentucky's run to the Final Four, as he's averaged almost 15 points and 9 rebounds per game while shooting 76% from the field.

And you can show me a clip of Josh getting the business? I'm sure a Kings workout is more relevant than a professional game. I can show you a clip of Randolph being utterly destroyed by Beasley, and than point out that Randolph in a couple of games with the Wolves had more 20\10 games then Beasley in the entire season

What i like about Josh and Shumpert us that they improved a lot throughout the season, given good reason to believe the will keep improving.

Jeremy Tyler from what i read, regressed.

And you can yap all you want, i've reached my wasted-minutes-on-franchize-2011-quota.

It's been a pleasure. Till next year.

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