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Default Re: What were Wilt's #2 best and #1 worst season?

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Tough question, for 2nd best, I'd probably lean towards 1968, though his play towards the end of the Celtics series hurts that one for me, much like Lebron's 2010 season. Maybe '64 as well, can't think of any negatives, and I've seen some articles that talk about Wilt passing more, defending better while leading the league in scoring and putting up his most impressive scoring postseason and that's the season that his team overachieved the most, imo. 1972 also deserves some consideration for what the team achieved, Wilt's play in the finals(I believe he had broken bones in his hand or something like that) and Wilt playing the "Russell role" so well. '66 may be up there as well, though the playoffs was a disappointment for me. His teammates shot horribly, but Wilt didn't appear to be a good leader that season either.

I wouldn't pick 1970 as his worst because of the injury, his play before the injury and how impressive it was to come back from it earlier than expected(I've heard it described as a potentially career-threatening injury).

As far as worst, well, if not for his play vs Boston(which Red Auerbach praised), I would have considered 1965 more. 1961 would be one of his worst, imo. Despite the numbers, 1963 ranks towards the bottom for me as well since the 31-49 record is pretty tough to ignore.

But I'll pick 1969 as his worst due to the disappointment in the finals, his huge decline offensively in the playoffs and an overall disappointing season considering their big 3 and West's great finals.

I don't always agree with you, but this is a very solid post. The problem, in many cases, is that if his regular season was below average (if a 30-25 season could ever be below average)...he did something remarkable in the post-season (for instance that '64-65 season, or even his 70-71 which, by my accounts at least, was probably his worst...BUT, he played brilliantly against a statistically prime Kareem over the course of 10 H2H games, and five of them were in the WCF's.)

Excellent post.

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