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Default Re: Favorite Documentaries?

Hell House is a fantastic documentary that wonderful for several things. First, I had no idea what a hell house was when I saw this movie.

It's about these "Haunted Houses" that certain Churches put around Halloween. Where each room in the house, has a different little scene staged, and each scene is intended to scare you about sin. So that part is really interesting.

Secondly, these haunted houses are a big production, with actors and professional lighting and every kid (and adult) in town wants to be a part of it. So it has this "let's put on show aspect to it." There's one part where a single father and his daughter are trying out for the show and he doesn't get the part of the husband whose wife cheated on him and left him (which is probably based on his life!)

Thirdly, the movie is directed in such a way that you would like it if you were a member of this church or if were a skeptical outsider like me. There's no narration and they just play scenes as they occur with obvious directorial judgement.

Fourthly, I got see a bunch of people speaking in tongues. My favorite scene takes place in a Christian Department Store (who knew!). The preacher has gathered everyone together to explain why they do this. That everyone might think this is fun and games and chance to playact, but it's deadly serious and they are there to save souls. He is giving this speech in front of a teenage rock band, they kind of noodling on their instruments a bit. The preacher starts talking about fighting Satan over the souls of the lost. He tells them to break into groups to pray. Then the band picks up a bit and by the time the drummer kicks in a minute later the whole room is freaking out.
It's here at 52:30

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