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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

Originally Posted by vegasbigshots
Dude, hang in there. Your last sentence there... Is screaming for help. Talk your doc ASAP.

Yes successful people have it too. I'm doing very well myself house paid for, 4 cars, 2 investment property, good retirement ahead of me, a cool business And yes I have depression. I m currently taking prescribed meds... What makes me feel good are successes and accomplishments.

I feel you man. At 22, I've accomplished a lot and I'm in line for a lot more but it doesn't make me happy..

And I know man. I need to stop with the alcohol and pain killers.

When I hear people talk about being "alcoholics" because they drink on the weekends, every weekend I laugh.

I was at a point where I was drinking Half of a 5th AT LEAST, 5 days a week.
And the only reason why I didn't drink 7 days a week was because I didn't want to become an alcoholic.

I mean, I would be 3 hours into my shift and start thinking "I need a drink"

And I'm taking, drinking vodka and whisky straight. No chaser.
By myself.. Not at a bar, or club or with anyone.
Just in my room.. Blacking out.

Then I started with vicodins. Started taking 2 or 3 to feel "good"..
Then I found out about "norcos" which are 10mg hydrocondone

In about 6 hours, I've taken up to 30. That's 300 mg..

Since then, I've stopped the drinking. Ive gained a lot of weight drinking and the hang overs and my skin took a toll.

The pills I've started using only on weekends and try to little by little lower my intake..

But it's what keeps me from feeling "depressed"
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