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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by SCdac
Nah, Rose meant more to the '11 Bulls than Parker does to the current Spurs. Defensively, offensively, more minutes and production, just all around meant more. Sure, them both being scoring PG's there's a similarity, they're both clutch too, but Parker being the MVP of the league would water down the award IMO and put too much of a focus on team record... I mean lets be real, the Spurs have had the best record in the west the past 2-3 season. At that point, it's characteristic of the franchise, it's coach, and the system more than anything. Tim Duncan-effect too. His defense and overall presence would not be easily replaced.

You sure you watch all the Spurs game?

Bulls and Spurs play different style.

Only reason Rose is more important to his team is because he is only 24 and the future of the Franchise for YEARS to come but when it comes to impact of the game RIGHT now its Tony Parker.

If you really did watch the Spurs all year, you should know Tony Playmakes CONSISTENTLY all year when the game is close.

Bottom line to me you just dont Respect what Tony is doing for your team.
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