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Default Re: Attention FIBA basketball

Originally Posted by gabepizza
So it didn't take take you too long to come back. I thought after Tel Aviv won Euroleague with Tyrese Rice as the Final Four MVP you might take a little longer exile out of embarrassment. I mean Tel Aviv with Rice as their MVP and 10 of their 13 players either Israelis or undrafted Americans win the Euroleague. That team would not even win the D-league.
And Sergio Rodriguez as the league MVP, an NBA scrub.
Looks like Euroleague has now even sunk below the D-league in talent. The NBA should send the D-league champion to the FIBA club championship and they would make quick work of Maccabi.

Such racism. Such a low IQ. You should be banned...I'm tweeting Jeff right now. I'm serious.
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