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I did this while waiting for the Super Bowl to start. I used realgm's mock draft simulator to get the top 3.

1. Seattle-Derrick Rose-With Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson involved in trade rumors, and Delonte West a FA this year, the Sonics decide to fill their biggest hole. With Durant, Green, Wilcox, Wilkins, and Collison signed past this season, bringing in another forward isn’t their biggest need, even if he could be a star.

2. Milwaukee-Michael Beasley-Getting lucky in the lottery allows the Bucks to add a go-to scorer to help take some pressure off Michael Redd. With Yi and Charlie Villanueva, Beasley allows the Bucks to have a good trio of forwards to go with solid PG and C crew.

3. Minnesota-DeAndre Jordan-With so many young players already in place, the Wolves are in a tough position, but with Al Jefferson putting most of his minutes in at center, they have the chance to add an athletic 7-footer that will not only give them some needed size, but will fit in with a young, athletic team. Losing out on Rose and Beasley hurts, but with young guys already demanding trades because of minutes, adding a piece that won’t have to take many minutes away from their other young guys is a blessing in disguise.

4. Miami-Jerryd Bayless-This is already a hard pick to swallow with three players that would be perfect for them already gone, but with the two next best players in the draft playing the same position as their best player and their first round pick from last year, they have to take Bayless to allow D-Wade to be the full time SG. With Daequan Cook possibly taking over at SF if Ricky Davis leaves this offseason, the Heat have a good, young three guard lineup developing.

5. Memphis-O.J. Mayo-This is a bit of a surprise pick with Eric Gordon still on the board, but the Grizzlies may not want a team with a starting backcourt that averages 6-2. Mayo isn’t much bigger, but he still gives them a potential #1 scorer. Now with a stacked backcourt of young players, this team will turn their attention to the frontcourt.

6. New York-Eric Gordon-The Knicks get extremely lucky as the guy they may have taken with the #1 pick is still left on the board for them at #6. Gordon may not seem like a good pick with so many guards that only look to score already on this team, but Gordon gives them a player that may be good enough to build the future around, something they have not been able to add in the past with solid, but not spectacular draft picks like David Lee, Nate Robinson, and Renaldo Balkman.

7. L.A. Clippers-Nicolas Batum-With Chris Kaman looking like a beast this season at only 25, and Elton Brand, Corey Maggette and Al Thorton in place at forward, this team has a pretty young and talented frontcourt. They need to replace their aging backcourt, but with Bayless, Gordon, and Mayo off the board, they take a young swingman who could become a complete bust like Yaroslav Korolev, or become a 6-8 SG that would put them over the top as one of the better young teams in the NBA.

8. Charlotte-Roy Hibbert-On paper this team should be as good as New Orleans, but with wasted lottery picks and no direction in the players they acquire this team is bad on offense and with rebounding and is average on defense. MJ uses this pick to give this team a direction and will help Emeka Okafor inside on defense and help Raymond Felton make this a more efficient offensive team.

9. Philadelphia-Donte Greene-This team has done better than expected with lesser players, but at some point that will catch up with them. Greene gives them the type of forward that will be able to anything they need him to do no matter what direction this team takes as they try to build a playoff caliber team in the future.

10. Chicago-Danilo Gallinari-Unlike Philadelphia before them, this is the team that has done the least with the most. With two top 10 picks from the Knicks the past two seasons, this team has not been able to turn a great group of talent into anything other than what looks like another Knicks type of situation. With the success of Andres Nocioni and Thabo Sefolosha, this team decides against taking another athletic big man like Darrell Arthur or Brook Lopez, and instead goes for a European that they hope will be able to take over on the wing if they do decide to move Gordon or Deng.

11. Indiana-D.J. Augustin-With this team being able to take underdogs like Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Kareem Rush, and Jeff Foster who have been doubted at some point in their careers and turned it into a surprising amount of wins, they get another underdog who is too short to be good in the NBA. Besides this perceived chemistry bonus, on the court Augustine will give them more backcourt scoring off the bench and perhaps replace Tinsley if they decide to move him.

12. Sacramento-Darrell Arthur-Like Indiana, this team has been one of the biggest surprises this season being led by John Salmons, Brad Miller, and Beno Udrih with Kevin Martin, Ron Artest, and Mike Bibby missing a lot of time. This team still doesn’t have much up front even with Miller and rookie Spencer Hawes. Arthur gives them a young, athletic PF who could be a starter for years.

13. Houston-Chase Budinger-This team needs someone who can get to the basket and find ways to score off the bench and when T-Mac is hurt, and Budinger is that type of scorer. The bonus is that he is not undersized like Head and James when they play off the ball.

14. Portland-Brook Lopez-This team is winning with team defense, and that will only be more evident with Greg Oden in the middle next season. Lopez is really a pick to back up Oden and LaMarcus Aldrich which they already have in Channing Frye, but the big difference is that Lopez will be a much needed scoring punch off the bench. Many will feel like Lopez is too talented to be a backup, but this team will not take it to the next level until they have guys they can rely on to score off the bench when the team’s shots aren’t falling.

15. New Jersey-Darren Collison-With the potential trade of Jason Kidd and Marcus Williams not looking like the long-term answer they thought he would be, the Nets grab the best available point left and hope he can lead them back to where their current Pac-10 PG did. The play of Josh Boone and Sean Williams makes it a little easier to pass on a big man.

16. Phoenix from Atlanta-Raymar Morgan-This team is going for broke this season, and if they don’t win the championship, the Shawn Marion trade rumors from the last few seasons may finally come true. Morgan is an athletic player who would not be a bad replacement in a couple years.

17. Washington-Ty Lawson-This team is solid across the board, but are one of the worst teams in the NBA in assists. Lawson will allow Gilbert Arenas to play off the ball more and that should lead to a more balanced offensive attack which could take this team to the elite level. With Antawn Jamison becoming a FA this year it is tempting to grab a forward, but the upside of having both Lawson and Jamison is too much to risk on a lesser prospect.

18. Toronto-Serge Ibaka-This team has decided taking international players is the way to go, and Ibaka should help make this a little more athletic frontcourt in the future; which has worked this season with Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Jamario Moon, and Kris Humphries.

19. Cleveland-Kyle Weaver-Until this team adds a PG that can lead the offense, this team will not become a serious contender with LeBron With no PG worth this pick, Weaver is the next best thing as a combo-guard. Besides assists, their biggest gap seems to be scoring, so adding a great second option at SG seems like a good place to start and Weaver seems like he has the most potential to be that considering this year’s lack of great swingman prospects.

20. Golden State-A.J. Ogilvy-This team scores and gives up the most points in the NBA, and they seem like they would be okay to fix that problem by adding more scoring. Ogilvy would be a lottery pick if he was more athletic and an inch taller, but he still should be able to be an effective scorer off the bench. They think about taking JaVale McGee, but he reminds them too much of Patrick O’Bryant who appears to be a bust.

21. Denver-Brandon Rush-J.R. Smith and Anthony Carter could be gone this offseason as FA so it is important for the Nuggets to add a guard that can step in and play right away. Even if Smith and Carter stay, Rush would give them a defensive stopper on the wing.

22. Orlando-Tyler Hansbrough-Orlando needs help at the point, but with no PG they love at this spot, Hansbrough gives them a better backup big man option than Brian Cook, Adonal Foyle, or Pat Garrity.

23. L.A. Lakers-JaVale McGee-The emergence of Andrew Bynum and the pickups of Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol fill all the needs and then some for the Lakers. Despite Andrew Bynum’s age, however, a backup center with potential like McGee can’t help but hurt even if he stashed in the D-League for a couple years.

24. San Antonio-Shan Foster-For years this team has been just getting older and older on the wing, and it may be catching up with them this season. Foster may not be anything more than a backup, but he has good height, a good outside shot, and is a good defender. He must add some muscle and work on his handle, but since he probably won’t get many minutes his first year anyway, he can easily work on those things.

25. Utah-Hasheem Thabeet-This team has picked up steals with Ronnie Brewer and Paul Millsap, and you would expect Morris Almond will be helping out soon enough as well. With that core of young role players, the Jazz might look to go big in this draft and Thabeet will fill a need as this team doesn’t block many shots.

26. Dallas-D.J. White-This team has become much more balanced over the past couple years and picking up a solid all-around player like White will only help this team continue to be one of the elite in the NBA.

27. New Orleans-DeVon Hardin-After drafing Julian Wright in the lottery to be the first forward off the bench in the future, this year they draft Hardin to be the first big man off the bench. If Hardin and Wright improve like they should over the next couple of years they will certainly make this a much deeper team as better options than Rasual Butler, Ryan Bowen, Melvin Ely, and Hilton Armstrong.

28. Seattle from Phoenix-Joe Alexander-After getting their future at the point with the #1 pick, the Sonics go back to the frontcourt by picking up a solid athlete who can back up a couple different positions.

29. Detroit-Jason Thompson-This teams continues to churn out great years, and with a solid young core of future role players like Jason Maxiell, Jarvis Hayes, Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo, and Amir Johnson the future looks bright. Without a future potential starter available at this position the Pistons look to grab another athlete who in a couple years will be giving them solid minutes off the bench.

30. Boston-Nikola Pekovic-The Celtics picking a C or PG to back up their two weakest starters will be a theme is all mock drafts, and I am no different. This is a great team passing team, but they still need someone who can handle and distribute the ball better off the bench. With that said, the best PG prospect available, Jamont Gordon, is a shoot first kind of PG, so they grab Pekovic who is actually a bit of a steal at this point because of his potential.

Looking back on this, the only player I really should have found a spot for is Gordon. I don't care for him all that much, but this draft has very little bepth at the PG spot. Davon Jefferson and Bill Walker are a couple of underclassmen who I looked at, but couldn't find a spot for, and Ante Tomic, Semih Erden, and Nathan Jawai are some international guys that I thought I might have going, but didn't find the right fit.
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