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Default Re: 4 Florida Juniors to go pro

Originally Posted by AtTheDriveIn
Around about's what pick do you guys have?

What the Sixers really need is a Center or a Power Forward who can get it done INSIDE

Hawes would be a great pickup somewhere between 5-10.

You don't need another PG, SG or SF so Green, Jianlian, and Acie Law are pretty much out unless the Sixers are going to trade away Andre Miller, then Acie Law might be good.

If you have the first pick, obviously the team is going for Greg Oden, but if you have between 2-4 Horford and Noah are your best picks, wasn't Wright saying he wasn't going to enter.

ok, first off ur right, we need some1 who can get it done INSIDE, which is why i don't want noah. other than the facts that ive stated prior in other topics, he is not a back to the basket player. Even though horford is undersized, he can at least be an elton brand type. Noah will be anderson varejao in the nba. Hawes would be my last option if we were somewhere from 8-10. Green can play "some" 4, especially if we go with an athletic lineup, because he is 6-8 and almost 240. Jianlian is not a pg, sg or sf, hes 7-0. Hes a versatile pf. We don't need a pg NOW, or next year, but Miller is over 30 and is not part of our future. He was a good stop gap and a proven player to get in return for ai. Law would be great with Denver's pick, especially considering we don't have any backup pgs after Ollie is a FA and is almost done. Our wings are more than fine with Iguodala, Korver, Carney and B. Jones. Dalembert and Shav are 2 good bigs. Hunter is a good 4th big guy. Basically, with our first pick, this is my order of preference:

B. Wright
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