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Default Re: Stern On PTI- Said Crawford May Be Done Forever In The NBA

Originally Posted by Showtime
As soon as a ref shows bais, there is no more room for him anymore in NBA offciating. Wanting to fight a player is totally unacceptable. There was a ref quite some years ago that was considered a top official in the league, but he was fired because of the way he refed Clyde Drexler. He isn't being treated like dirt, he's getting what he deserves.

Then every ref that refereed in the Jordan era should never ref again because there was a bias towards him, albeit a more positive one. Go look at footage of Jardan playing and he gets away with numerous violations that others get called for. I ref soccer games so I kind of know what the NBA refs feel like in terms of pressure and it sucks. You have a lot to watch and tough games are always a stress. When a player repeatedly questions your authority eventually you need to take action. That is what JC did. Now he did go overboard but I can see why he threw out Duncan. I like Duncan but he has gotten very arrogant when he plays and the way he thinks he should be officiated. Eventually you will have a ref that won't take his crap and in this case JC wouldn't take his crap. Unfortunately I think Stern took the "You wanna fight?" Out of context. Plus if Duncan thinks JC already has a grudge then he is more inclined to disrespect refs. Overall both Duncan and JC need to be suspended. Duncan for one game for lack of respect for the officials opf the game and JC for maybe a couple games at most for losing his cool. But what Duncan did during the Mavs game was absolutelt disgusting and his lack of respect appalls me. I like Duncan as a player but it is time someone put Duncan in his place for his incessant whining and lack of respect and JC did just that.
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