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Default Re: MYTH: Where art thou [Behaviorism]

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
I've been reading about this lately and one quote that has really interested me from Watson..

Is this something that has worked with the upbringing of children? I'm thinking of marrying a niggres that is tall and have great genes and than use this to make my sons dream a baller.

A one and done college player I can be rich at the age of 40... watcha think?

I think an important part that is often excluded is his last sentence: "I am going beyond my facts and I admit it, but so have the advocates of the contrary and they have been doing it for many thousands of years"

I don't claim to be a behaviorist, but I think there is some truth to what was said, but it is not fully accurate. You can certainly teach people to be certain things, but how good they are at that thing still has to do with genetics. I don't attribute to the "blank slate" theory, but environment does play a huge part in it.

As far as your basketball plan, if you train a kid (or hire a trainer) to be a basketball player at a young age, he will likely be pretty good. But NBA good? Hard to say. You still will have a hard time determining size, natural athleticism, the child's personal motivation (you could make him hate basketball), and durability (you could raise the next Greg Oden, and have him break before the NBA paycheck). Then there are simple matters such as, if he doesn't make it, did you set him up for failure in other aspects of life? Plus any other curve ball.
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