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Default Re: MYTH: Where art thou [Behaviorism]

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
Yeah that is where the black women comes in:)

No but honestly I really find this interesting, say doctor/lawyer/whatever if I want my child to become that I can while he still little somehow implement that being doctor/lawyer will lead to success etc.

Like the case with Albert one of Watson human experiment, he liked white rats and one day he heard a sound while holding this rat that scared him. This made him scared of white bunnies, white dogs and people with white beard.

And when I read about behaviorism I remembered a friend of my father, whenever he visited i got so fukcin scared I used to hide under beds and tables whenever he visited which wasn't too often (thank god for that). He moved away and to make a short story even shorter I saw him 3-4 years ago but wasn't scared of him anymore. I never knew why I was scared of him as a child but I think behaviorism has the answer.

Anyway if I would want to do such an experiment how would I get these thoughts into a child?

Well, fear of something is one of the easiest things to condition. We remember emotional events better for survival reasons. The Little Albert study is pretty damn famous, but it is also famous because of the unethical shit that was done.

I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this with basketball. My best guess is to just surround a kid with basketball related stuff all the time. I think this is one reason NBA players often have children that make the NBA (that plus the genetics). Lots of positive reinforcement would be important. You have to really make that kid love basketball. If he ends up doing it like it is a chore, he will try to get by with the minimum you require, and potentially quit, or rebel (would hate to see a kid pushed so hard that it drives him to skipping school and practice to do drugs).
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