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Default Re: players don't wanna play with kobe cause players don't like hard work

Originally Posted by chosen_one6
"players dont wanna play with Kobe because they don't like egotistical ball hogs"

fixed that for you

kobe averaged 27.3ppg on 20 FGA's with 6.0 apg last year

michael jordan averaged 30.1ppg on 23 FGA's with 5.3 apg for his career

and michael jordan is an even bigger egotistical a**hole ball hog

difference is back in the day role players and 2nd fiddles were tougher and more oldschool. didn't mind fallowing orders and doing hard work to win games without getting much credit. they did it cause they wanted to win. today its all about having fun and joking around. being friends instead of having leaders. everyone wants the spotlight

players are b*tches these days...

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