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Default Re: If you had a choice between...

Originally Posted by hwliuLAP
based on the fact we won't have enough money to pay them.
Deng and Gordon can easily both make up to 8 - 10 mil per year
that's close to the value of Kobe already
so that if we actually did take Wallace in this deal
I don't see us keeping both

only if the bulls were to sign them to extension then trade to Lakers
then I would most likely want a deal with #9 + Deng + Gordon
or Duhon + Deng + Gordon while we give out one bad contract, someone like Cook
ahh ok i see where you were going... actually that wouldn't be a probelm because the lakers would have the option next year of signing them to an extension or a qualifying offer that they carry on the contract now.... then when it was time to sign them the lakers could actually offer them more than anybody else would be able to... so it's not a bad thing overall.. as far as wallce goes his contract was front loaded and actually will go down in the coming years and just when its time to resign deng and gordon his contract would be expiring so it wouldn't be fatal... and its better to have 20 million spread out over three players than it is one
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