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Default Re: If you had a choice between...

Originally Posted by LakerDynasty00
I think you are all drinking the Kool Aid, maybe its cognitive dissonance.

But, with that new lineup were never a championship team anyway. The current Bulls are better than that lineup would be and they couldn't even get out of the east. The big problem is there is no go-to guy. And don't try and tell me Gordon is one, because he is not. He can make big shots at the end of games, but he is either very on or very off, not a reliable consistent player. We will fall into the trap of a talented team with no superstar. Those teams never win!

Don't start trying to convince yourself that Kobe gone is good; its not!

I rather have Kobe and have some minor moves made this season and hope for the best. When he's on any team any given night you have a chance to win and be entertained. I can't imagine any trade scenario that I'm ok with that includes Kobe leaving.
most people would love to keep kobe nobody is really disputing that, but your turning a blind eye to the situation, you have a player who has demanded a trade, he retracted the statment yet keeps the demand on the opening page of his website, he has also said to LA times writers he still wants a trade...

so if you think as you say "have Kobe and have some minor moves made this season and hope for the best." is the way to go your wrong, you can't afford to build around a player that's threatening to bolt and if you think that a couple minor moves will assage kobe's demands for the team to make moves your wrong again... maybe it's thou who should step back from the kool-aid counter and take a realistic view of the situation
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